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About Schetelig Group

95 years in the hor­ti­cul­tur­al industry

Schetelig Group, a family-owned company, has been serving garden professionals for five generations since Oscar Schetelig founded Oy Schetelig Ab in 1929.

Schetelig Oy office in Vantaa

Schetelig in Finland

Schetelig Oy is a wholesaler catering to customers in three business areas: Professional Growing, Landscaping, and Home & Garden.

The Schetelig Group’s head office and main warehouse (pictured) are located in Vantaa, Finland, within the Helsinki metropolitan area. The main warehouse covers 6,700 m², while a second warehouse in Kerava spans 3,200 m².

Additionally, Schetelig operates a branch office in Närpiö, serving greenhouse vegetable growers in the region.

Our customers

The three business areas include a variety of clients.

The Professional Growing sector serves greenhouse growers, open field growers, berry and fruit growers, and forestry professionals.

The Landscaping sector caters to cities and municipalities, graveyards, golf courses and sports fields, landscapers, landscape designers, as well as real estate and property management and maintenance companies.

The Home & Garden sector comprises hobby garden retailers such as garden centers, department stores, hardware stores, and DIY stores across Finland.

Watch the video of our history below. Please note that the video was made in 2019 and has not been updated. In 2022, Schetelig Russia was closed.

Schetelig history